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Welcome to the number one place to find quality new and used gun safes for sale in the Southwest. We are the Valley's (Phoenix, Arizona) top dealer for Craigslist Gun Safes. We carry all the top brands including Fort Knox, Liberty Safes and Browning. We stock standup long gun capacity safes, fireproof vaults, gun cabinets, lockable handgun cases and other gun related products.

We also have a small showroom where we sell a wide selection of new and used firearms. This includes handguns, shotguns and rifles. Take a moment to browse through our website and contact us should you have any questions.

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Craigslist Gun Store ABOUT US:
Located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona we are a federal certified Class Three firearms dealer. We also specialize in both new and used safes for sale. We have the lowest prices on guns and gun safes along with locks and other accessories. Our staff of gun experts can help you select the current firearms for your needs. Rather you are looking for a gun for home defense, hunting, target shooting or personal carry; we have the best brands.

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Used Gun Safes

Our large warehouse stores a big selection of used gun safes. We typically find these sites for sale on Craigslist, Backpage and other local classifieds. We also get gun safes direct from the manufacturer in some cases. Browse through the pages of this site to get a glimpse of the brands and safe types we carry.

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Fort Knox Safes

Fort Knox is the 2nd most popular safe brand on the market today behind Liberty Safes. They are affordable vaults that provide secure storage for your weapons. To see our current inventory please view the Fort Knox Gun Safes page. Please reach out to our store with any inquires for our associates.

Craigslist Guns For Sale

Craigslist Guns For Sale

On top of carrying many quality gun safes, we also offer a variety of firearms for sale. This includes popular brands such as Colt, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer and more. Due to the current federal regulations and governmental restrictions we have limited stock of assault rifles, AR-15s and other automatic weapons.

Best Gun Safe Brands:

Listed below are the top gun safe brands based on a number of factors including, security, price, options, availability, among other features. See our Brands page for the full list of current new and used gun safe brands on the market.

Top 10 Gun Safe Brands
  1. Liberty Safes
  2. Browning Gun Safes
  3. Winchester
  4. Cannon
  5. Stack-on Gun Safes
  6. Fort Knox Gun Safes
  7. American Security
  8. Steelwater
  9. Homak Gun Safes
  10. GunVault

Website Disclaimer (Gun Sales):

It is the responsibility of the consumer to understand local laws and states statues that govern the purchase, ownership and operation of firearms. These laws differ from state to state, county to county and city to city. It is the obligation of the customer to understand these ordinances along with any changes that happen from time to time.

Craigslist Gun Safe does not accept liability for any physical or monetary damages or injures that should occur from the improper use of firearms along with any legal actions brought against said customer should they not observe the local laws as outlines above. All sales are final and returns are not accepted as outlined by state and federal law. Thank you for your business and for visiting!